Privacy Policy

    1. CASTFOLIO is a legitimate administrator of personal data, duly registered under the Bulgarian Law on Protection of Personal Data. CASTFOLIO is therefore obliged to exercise reasonable care to protect the personal data of the individuals and not to distribute, sell or provide to third parties the personal data, unless sharing data is required for the execution of CASTFOLIO's services, by a competent authority, required by law or the individual has given his/her consent to CASTFOLIO.
    1. Any individual shall be entitled to access to personal data related to him or her, which is stored and processed by CASTFOLIO. In the cases when the right of access granted to an individual may lead to disclosure of personal data of third parties as well, CASTFOLIO shall provide the relevant individual with access only to that part of the data that relates to himself or herself, unless otherwise stipulated in the General terms and conditions.
    2. When exercising his or her right of access, the individual shall be entitled to request, at any time, from CASTFOLIO:
      1. a confirmation as to whether or not data relating to him are being processed, information as to the purposes of such processing, the categories of data concerned, and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are disclosed;
      2. communication to him, in an intelligible form, containing his or her personal data undergoing processing, and any available information as to their source;
      3. information concerning the logic involved in any automatic processing of data concerning him, at least in case of automated decisions of CASTFOLIO.
    3. CASTFOLIO shall provide above information free of charge.
    4. In case the individual dies, his or her rights above may be exercised by his or her heirs.
    5. An individual shall be entitled to require, at any time, from CASTFOLIO:
      1. to remove, rectify or block his or her personal data the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of the applicable EU legislation;
      2. notify any third parties to whom his or her personal data have been disclosed of any removal, rectification, or blocking carried out in compliance with paragraph (1), unless this is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.
    6. The right of access referred to above shall be exercised by submitting an application in writing to CASTFOLIO to the following address: Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, Mladost 1, bl. 3, entr. 10, ap. 166.
    7. The application may also be submitted in electronic form under the procedure laid down in the Bulgarian Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act to the following email address:
    8. The application shall be filed personally by the individual to whom such data relate or by his or her representative expressly authorised with a power of attorney certified by a notary public.
    9. The application shall contain:
      1. the name, address and other data necessary for identifying the respective individual;
      2. statement of the request;
      3. preferred form of provision of the information;
      4. signature, date of submission of the application and mailing address.
      In cases where the application is submitted by a duly authorized person, the application shall enclose the power of attorney certified by a notary public.
    10. CASTFOLIO may provide the information as a statement orally or in writing, or in the form of a review of the data by the individual concerned or by his or her duly authorized representative.
    11. Individuals may request copies of the personal data processed on a preferred carrier or electronically, unless this is prohibited by law.
    12. CASTFOLIO or a person explicitly authorized by it shall consider the application and shall respond within 14 days from the submission thereof. This term may be reasonably extended by CASTFOLIO up to 30 days, where the collection of all requested data objectively requires a longer period and this would place a serious burden on the activities of CASTFOLIO.
    13. Within 14 days, CASTFOLIO shall decide whether to provide full or partial information to the applicant, or to deny the provision thereof stating the reasons for such denial, respectively shall decide and take the relevant action / notify the third parties concerned within 14 days from the submission of the application or shall deny to take action stating the reasons for such denial.
    14. CASTFOLIO shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision or denial within the relevant time limit. The notice shall be delivered personally against signature or by registered mail. If the application was received via email, the notification shall also be sent via email to the applicant. The absence of notification shall be deemed to constitute a denial.
    15. CASTFOLIO shall deny access to personal data where such data do not exist or the provision thereof is prohibited by law. CASTFOLIO shall deny full or partial access to data to the individual to whom such data relate where such access would jeopardize defense or national security or the protection of classified information and this is stipulated in a special law.
    16. The administrator shall refuse the transmission of data, fully or partially, to the individual to whom they relate in the cases where:
      1. this would hinder the prevention or detection of criminal offences, their prosecution or the execution of criminal penalties;
      2. this is necessary for protecting:
        1. the national security;
        2. the public order;
        3. the individual to whom the data relate.
    17. CASTFOLIO shall not inform the individual to whom the data relate if this is explicitly indicated by the data provider.
    18. The individual to whom such data relate shall be entitled:
      1. to object to CASTFOLIO to the processing of his or her personal data on the basis of legitimate grounds; where such objection is justified, the personal data of the relevant individual may no longer be processed;
      2. to object to the processing of his or her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing;
      3. to be informed before his or her personal data are disclosed for the first time to third parties or used on their behalf for the purposes set out in subparagraph 18.2., and to be given the opportunity to object to such disclosure or use.
    19. CASTFOLIO's decision shall be inadmissible where:
      1. it engenders legal effects or significantly affects the individual, and
      2. it is based solely on automated processing of personal data designed to evaluate certain personal aspects of the individual.
    20. Above rule shall not apply where the decision is:
      1. taken in the course of the execution or performance of a contract, provided that the request for the execution or the performance of such contract lodged by the individual concerned has been satisfied, or provided that there are appropriate measures safeguarding his or her legitimate interests;
      2. is regulated for in a law which also lays down measures to safeguard the individual's legitimate interests.
    21. The individual shall be entitled to request CASTFOLIO to review any decision made in breach of the provisions of paragraph 19.
    1. The Individual understands and accepts that the CASTFOLIO platform collects some personal data from its users. The personal data is collected and used only for the purposes of providing the services by CASTFOLIO. The personal data collected is for the following purposes and using the following services:
      1. Analytics – Google Analytics.
      2. Contacting the User – Mailing List / Newsletter.
      3. Handling payments – Accounting and Financial/Bank institutions.
      4. Interaction with external social networks and platforms – Facebook Like button and social widgets, Cookies.
      5. Registration and authentication – Done through the Application. Personal Data: Email and Password.
      6. Other: provision of platform services and communication among Users and third parties.
    2. By using the CASTFOLIO services the individual confirms to have provided voluntarily to CASTFOLIO any personal data and gives the permission to CASTFOLIO for collecting, processing and storage of personal data, as well as transfer of fractions of this data, when this is necessary for providing the services by CASTFOLIO or when it is demanded by applicable law.
    3. The individual shall be responsible for entering somebody else’s personal data without due authorization.
    4. The Individual shall be obliged to obtain the explicit agreement of all third parties, whose personal data is entered by the Individual or in any way affected by the use of the platform by the Individual, for gathering, processing and storage of their personal data (if any) and to perform the necessary registrations and other activities, in order to legally collect, process, and store such data (if such are required by law). The Individual is responsible for the way he collects, processes and stores the personal data of third parties, as well as for the consents and permissions the Individual gives on behalf of third parties.
    5. The Individual agrees that CASTFOLIO may collect email addresses for authentication purposes and add them to CASTFOLIO mailing list to send updates about new releases and developments through CASTFOLIO monthly newsletter. If at any time the Individual or any of its employees would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, he or she must follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe at the bottom of CASTFOLIO emails.
    6. The Individual agrees that CASTFOLIO may monitor and analyze cumulative, not individual behavior. CASTFOLIO may then use the cumulative data to improve the overall CASTFOLIO customer service.
    7. The Individual agrees that CASTFOLIO may use Cookies and collects information about the preferences and interests of the visitors and to analyze cumulative data about the people browsing.
    8. Although CASTFOLIO will take all reasonable precautions to keep personal data safe and secure, CASTFOLIO shall not be liable for extraneous circumstances such as theft, communication errors or tampering.
    9. The Individual acknowledges that CASTFOLIO may change the services and integrate services, provided by third parties, which may require transfer of data to such third parties.
    10. The Individual acknowledges that CASTFOLIO does not control content, entered by third parties.
    11. The Individual is responsible for entering third person’s personal data and third person’s card photos. The Individual is responsible for receiving the third person’s explicit consent for entering their personal data and uploading their cards photos. By uploading a third person’s card photo the Individual declares to have received this person’s consent to enter his data and upload a photo of his card, as well as for CASTFOLIO’s right to use, convert and deal with the information.
    12. The Individual gives his consent for access to some files and directories of his mobile devices, as listed during the installation process of the mobile application.