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Location based search for services and crew with specific skills and experience in the entertainment industry.
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A Social Network for the Entertainment Industry

We are developing a social network tailored for the entertainment industry. Professionals with different backgrounds easily connect and discover potential work partners, jobs and crew members.

CastFolio provides the necessary mobile professional network, combining casting services, personal portfolio and job opportunities.

Description tags are created and approved by admins and accurately translated in the supported languages which allows the member access to a wider range of international connections.

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Bring together creatives with common goals and interests.

Support them in their online presentation and project development.

Nurture relationships and explore opportunities.

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Create professional and accessible online tools.

Mobile apps where your Phone > Wallet and ID.

Cost efficient partnership network all over the world.

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Secure, professional services with privacy in mind.

Focused, quick and easy to use.

Localized and Scalable, according to your needs.